First Election - April 1850

James Hartrey
Other offices held:
Clerk, Justice of the Peace, Highway Commissioner

Town Clerk
John Garland

Justices of the Peace
Andrew Hood
Hanson [sic]Taylor
Other office held:
Overseer of the Poor

Michael Gormley
Other offices held:
Overseer of the Poor, Supervisor, Highway Commissioner

John Lowerman
Other office held:
Overseer of Highways

Overseer of the Poor
Anton Snyder

Commissioners of Highways
Michael Dietrich
Michael Gormley
Jas. Hartrey

Charles Ludwick
Frederick Uday

Overseers of Highways
George Dietrich
William H. Garland
John Lowerman

Pound Masters

John Coonrod
John Wanger
Other offices held:
Overseer of the Poor, Commissioner of Highways


Elected Officials—1851-1899

Elected Officials—1900-1949

Elected Officials—1950-2010

John Ellis - Collector
Francis Ellis - Overseer of Poor
Joseph Brazel - Assessor
John Schildgen - Supervisor, Assessor, Justice of the Peace,
Highway Commissioner, Clerk, Collector
Christopher F. Uthe - Overseer of the Poor
John Feigen - Constable
Reinard Nanzig - Commissioner of Highways, Clerk
Lambert Blum - Clerk, Overseer of the Poor, Overseer of Highways
George Brazel - Assessor
Chris Layman - Overseer of Highways
Hubert Harring - Overseer of Highways
John Smith - Supervisor
John Walter - Pound Master
Mathias Schiefgen - Collector
Mathias Happ - Overseer of Highways
Nicholas Schiefgen - Commissioner of Highways
Peter Smith - Pound Master
John Panalard - Overseer of Highways
Lambert Dunham - Overseer of Highways
John Bards - Overseer of Highways
John Frazen - Constable
Anton Hashcamp - Supervisor, School Trustee
Matthias Schram - Overseer of Highways
Charles Westerfield - Commissioner of Highways
Thomas Moses - Collector
Matthias Schaefer - Collector
Joseph Pashback - Pound Master
Jacob Smit - Overseer of Highways
Thomas Thompson - Supervisor
George Seiber - Supervisor
John Shafer - Collector
Mathias Peyo - Constable
Thomas Bohen - Constable
John Pavillard - Overseer of Highways
Mase Dushmae - Overseer of Highways
Joseph Blesher -Overseer of Highways
John N. Smith - Supervisor
Baptiste Mueller - Collector
D.S. Kloepfer -Commissioner of Highways
H. Haskamp - School Trustee
Fritz Schwall - Road Supervisor
Joseph Schneide - Road Supervisor
Mose Durham - Road Supervisor
Ganglof Sesterhem - Clerk
M.F. Ruggle- School Trustee
C. McDaniel - Constable
Paul Heuter - Justice of the Peace
Peter Heuter - Commissioner of Highways
John Whitney - Clerk
Benedict Vollman - School Trustee, Collector
Dennis Kloepfer - Collector
Phillip McKinney - Constable

William Merrill - Constable
William J. Oman - Constable
Anton Engles - Constable
Harry Marshall - Assessor
Alonzo Coburn - Justice of the Peace
Mason Clarke - Justice of the Peace
John A. McKeighan - Constable
James C. Corns - Constable
Joseph Rengel - Commissioner or Highways
G. Schwinger - Commissioner of Highways
J. O. Parker - School Trustee
Michael Lane - Supervisor
Sanborn Hale - Collector
C. B. Randall  - Assessor
Ashbel G. Ligare - Supervisor
John Schaefer - Assessor
Edwin Drury - Collector
Fred Schramm - Commissioner of Highways
Carlton Prouty - Justice of the Peace, Collector
F. L. Joy - School Trustee
Paul Nanzig - Commissioner of Highways
William Hector Maclean - Assessor
Phillip McKinney - Constable
Lloyd Llewellin - School Trustee
Micheal Lane  - Supervisor
John Maloney  - Commissioner of Highways
Joseph Long - Assessor
Joseph Balmes - Pound Master
John Leonard - School Trustee
Gertrude Thurston - Supervisor
Frank Copeland  - Clerk
Hoyt King - Collector
Perry Broadstreet - Assessor
Walter Crozier - Clerk
Walter Wallace - Commissioner of Highways
George Harbaugh - Assessor
Leland V. Pierson - Clerk
R. E. Sinsheimer - Justice of the Peace
L. C. Ayles - Commissioner of Highways
Edmund Burke - Justice of the Peace
Daniel Micke - Justice of the Peace
Frank Pavlik, Jr. - Justice of the Peace
Margaret Pierson  - Clerk
G. Gordon Peglow - Supervisor
Wesley Blom - Supervisor

Gertrude Gardner - Auditor
Donald Haider - Auditor
Robert Vogel - Auditor
Frederick W. Shefte - Auditor
Raymond Narjarin - Justice of the Peace
Lyle Richmond - Justice of the Peace
Fred H. Schmidt - Commissioner of Highways
Ruth Draper Leisner - Clerk
E.B. Creger - Clerk
Peter Brennen - Supervisor
Robert Miller - Auditor
Marian Schaeger - Auditor
Mary Cadman - Auditor
Joseph W. Zick - Auditor
Joseph E. Wyse  - Auditor
Keki R. Bhote - Supervisor
Patricia M. Nielsen - Trustee
Ann Diaz - Trustee
Arnold Wolff - Trustee
Betsy Fyfe - Trustee
John Russell - Trustee
Ira Rubel - Trustee
Jane Allen Simon - Trustee
Katrina S. Pfutzenreuter - Supervisor, Trustee
Phillip J. Hoza III - Clerk, Trustee
Donna Hill - Clerk
Howard Davis - Assessor
Bernard McKee - Collector
Mildred Peters - Trustee
Arthur West - Trustee
Doris Sternberg - Trustee
Neil H. Adelman - Trustee
Deborah Kotz - Trustee
Irvina Warren - Trustee
Clarine C. Hall - Supervisor
Kathleen Almond - Assessor
Lindsey Brown - Trustee
Allan Ashman - Collector
Sheila K. Mitchell - Clerk
Harold R. Marsh - Collector, Trustee
Patricia B. Cantor - Supervisor, Trustee
Leon A. Carrow - Trustee
Carol A. Davis - Trustee
Elizabeth B. Phillips - Trustee
James Goulka - Trustee
George Noyes - Collector
Bob Shen - Trustee
Elizabeth Warren - Trustee
JoAnn Shrier Gordon - Assessor
Diane G. Fisher - Trustee
Alan Goldberg - Trustee
Stefan Mozer  - Trustee
Joe Fell  - Collector
Jerome Hoynes - Clerk
Paddie Brennen - Trustee
Gerri Kahnweiler - Trustee


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