New Trier Township Meets Need for Community Support Grants for Persons with Disabilities

The Board of Trustees of New Trier Township is pleased to announce the funding of all grant applications in the Community Support Grants program. Initially, the program was planned such that 50 grants of $1,500 would be offered. After 102 applications were submitted, the Board identified funds to allow all applicants to receive a $1,500 grant. 

The lottery had already been conducted wherein 50 applicants had been randomly selected to receive grants when the Board met and the increase in funding was agreed upon. After the decision that all 102 applicants could be given support, Township Supervisor Pat Cantor stated, "The Township is gratified to be able to meet the needs of these individuals. In reading the applications, they are all deserving and have situations that truly move me. We can’t wait to share the news with our clients." The Supervisor’s office will send letters to all applicants in early February notifying them of their grant awards.
The applicant pool represents residents of all six villages within New Trier Township. Diagnoses range from autism spectrum disorders, psychiatric diagnoses, cognitive delays and physical disorders. Some of the applicants are clients who have utilized various assistance programs of the Township such as the Food Pantry, Emergency Assistance, the Angel Fund and Childcare Scholarships. Other applicants are residents who have not used assistance programs, however their private insurance cannot cover all the therapies, medications, respite care or other support the disabled individual requires.
Ms. Cantor shared the Board’s philosophy. "Our long-term planning strategy has become that money should follow the person. We strive to use our resources to support persons with disabilities and their individual needs and not force them into a formula wherein our grants might not address their unique circumstances. We are satisfied that funding of these applications is a move in that direction and the Township money is being put to use for important and often critical support."
Community Support Grants for Persons with Disabilities provide financial assistance that helps in meeting some of the extraordinary expenses related to a person with a disability. There are no age or income restrictions on these grants. Community Support Grants can be used for therapeutic services, respite care, or any of a number of costs involved with the care of the person with a disability. Children or adults with diagnosed disabilities are eligible, including autism spectrum disorders; developmental and/or cognitive delay; multiple impairments; mental disorders, to name a few categories. In addition, residents with certain diagnosed compromising physical impairments are also eligible to apply for the Community Support Grants program. For a more full description of eligibility, please visit the Township website or contact Jeanne Winsted Rosser at 847.446.8201 The next Community Support Grants cycle will begin in the fall, and applications for those fiscal year 2013/14 grants will be accepted in fourth quarter of 2013.

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