New Trier Township Assessor’s Office Announces Higher Tax Saving for Some Disabled Veterans

Under a new law, veterans who were severely injured while serving their country will no longer be required to pay property taxes in Illinois. The minimum qualifying level of disability for lesser exemption amounts has also been lowered to 30%. A letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs dated after 1/1/2015 is required to verify the veteran’s level of disability.
Level of Disability                   Tax Savings
70% or more                         Completely exempt from property tax
50%-69%                              $5,000 off the Equalized Assessed Value
30%-49%                              $2.500 off the Equalized Assessed Value
0%-29%                                Not qualified for exemption
Homes with very high market values (over $250,000 of Equalized Assessed Value) do not qualify.
Because first installment tax bills are issued prior to any exemptions being calculated, even those receiving the full exemption from taxes must pay that bill. Once second installment bills come out in July, those veterans will be eligible for a refund of the amount paid.

Applications are available online at and in the Township Office. The exemption must be filed for each year, and applications must be submitted by March 2, 2016. For more detailed information and assistance in applying, please call the Township Assessor’s Office at 847 446-8200. 

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