Property Tax Bills to be Mailed at the End of June

The second installment of Cook County property tax bills will be mailed in late June and should be due August 1, 2013. This marks the second consecutive year that tax bills will have a mid-summer due date.
The early due date may surprise taxpayers who have become accustomed to due dates that have been as late as December 13 in recent years. However, state law mandates that second installment tax bills in Cook County be paid by August 1, and county taxing officials have been determined in recent years to comply with the state law. Last year’s early due date was not a fluke, and property owners can expect the second installment tax bills will have due dates of August 1 for the foreseeable future.
When the tax bills are issued, the Township Assessor’s Office will be available to help taxpayers address any problems with their bills. For example, if a property owner is eligible for a homeowner or senior citizen exemption but did not receive one, the Township Office will be able to help the taxpayer obtain a corrected bill. Please remember that this bill is the second half payment for 2012 and may no longer be appealed.

Contact the Township Assessor’s Office at 847.446.8200 with questions regarding the property tax process or your bill in particular. You may also reach the Assessor’s Office via email at

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