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New Trier Township Incubator Program 

The New Trier Township Incubator Program ("NTTIP") is a rolling grant program administered by New Trier Township ("NTT") with the intent to provide seed or start-up funding for individuals or groups with a new or novel idea to serve unmet social service needs of NTT residents with particular emphasis on seniors, youth, economically challenged families and persons with disabilities, as defined by the NTT Strategic Plan.


Who may apply?

Persons or groups who wish to provide community based services to NTT residents. The purpose of the NTTIP is that persons who currently reside in NTT will be the recipients of social services within their communities.

What are the qualifications?

  • The program is designated for either new (less than 1 year) agencies or those individuals/groups in the idea phase. 
  • A new agency must have 501(c)(3) status, but does not yet need to have the other qualifications necessary for the regular grant process. Those in the idea phase, if funded, will need to obtain 501(c)(3) status within the first year of operation. 
  • The need for the proposed service within township borders must be demonstrated.
  • The agency is encouraged to cooperate with other agencies to ensure NTT coverage.

What is the funding process? 

  1. The Applicant submits a Letter of Intent (LOI - see below) to the Township Supervisor. The Supervisor will put the LOI on the agenda for the next scheduled Board meeting.  A Letter of Intent is welcome at any time.
  2. The Board will determine the appropriate committee for the proposed project. The Community Services Administrator will send it to the appropriate committee chair and committee members for review.
  3. The proposal will appear on the agenda for the next committee meeting.
  4. The committee will determine if the proposal fits the mission of NTT, fills an unmet need for township residents, or fills a need in a new or different way. In addition the committee will discuss the viability of the proposal. If interested in the project, the committee will invite the people behind the proposal to their next committee meeting.
  5. The committee will question, probe, brainstorm and offer suggestions during the interview. After the interview the committee will determine if this is a project for NTTIP to fund. If yes, the committee will provide a written summary of the committee’s thoughts and the recommended dollar amount to the board of trustees.
  6. At the next board of trustees meeting, a committee designee will present the project to the board and answer questions. The board will make the final decision regarding the project and the grant amount. As in the regular grant process, the board will strongly consider the committee recommendation, but is not obligated to grant funding at all or at the recommended dollar amount.
  7. If approved, a check will be issued within 30 days to a bank account dedicated to the new project or agency.
  8. Grantees will be required to submit quarterly progress reports in a format to be determined by the oversight committee.
  9. The oversight committee will provide a source of information and support to the agency on an as needed or requested basis.


What should be included in our Letter of Intent? 

The following information should be submitted to the committee in 2-3 pages.
Name of the Program/Project that you are proposing: ­­­­­­­­­_________________________
  1. Organization Name; Address; Website; Contact Person; Title; Telephone; Fax; E-mail.
  2. Is your organization a tax-exempt 501(c)3 public charity? ____ Yes      ____No
  3. If no, what are your plans for becoming a 501(c)(3) public charity?
  4. Briefly summarize the program for which you are seeking funding. Is this a new or on-going project?
  5. Provide a list of the program goals, proposed objectives, and what indicators or outcomes will be used to gauge the success of the program.
  6. Identify your target population (including the age of program participants), geographic focus area, and projected number to be served.
  7. Briefly describe your organization. Please list the key people who are working on this project.
  8. Provide a total budget for one year. Indicate other sources of funds and how the NTT dollars will be spent.

If approved, are we eligible for future funding or is this a one-time grant? 

Agencies may apply for a second year grant through our regular Township funding cycle. Funding recommendations will be made by the applicable committee. Note that first year receipt of NTTIP grant does not insure a grant from NTT during the regular grant cycle.


How can we obtain further information?

Brian Leverenz
Community Services Administrator
847-446-8203 or Email




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