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The New Trier Township Scholarship Programs can provide assistance to eligible parents/guardians with scholarships for childcare services provided by licensed daycare, before and afterschool care, and/or summer day camp providers.  Licensed providers are defined as (1) State Licensed Daycare Providers; (2) Accredited Kindergarten or Preschool Programs; (3) School ot Park District affiliated programs.  Providers are paid directly by New Trier Township.  Parents and/or guardians are responsible for any program balances not covered by the scholarship.

Before/Afterschool scholarships are awarded by the semester.  Daycare scholarships are awarded monthly from September 1st though August 31st.  Summer Camp scholarships are awarded yearly for the summer months when camp is in session.  Applications and supporting documents are strictly confidential and are reviewed by social services professionals to confirm eligibility.  Applicants are notified in writing of the status of their application.

Applicants must reside in New Trier Township and have lawful custody of a child age 13 or under.  Both custodial parents/guardians must work full or part-time, be enrolled in job training and/or attend a school program during the hours of the child care program.  Adjusted Gross Income, confirmed by Federal Income Tax returns, must be less than or equal to the amounts listed below.  Extraordinary medical expenses or circumstances will be considered with appropriate supporting documentation.  


FAMILY SIZE:                                    ADJUSTED GROSS INCOME:

       2                                                                  $46,000

       3                                                                  $49,000

       4                                                                  $52,000

       5                                                                  $56,000

       6                                                                  $60,000





Day Care Before/ After School Care Summer Day Camp


Fill-in PDF application and sign

Deadline to apply: TBD


Fill-in PDF application and sign

Deadline to apply: August 3, 2018


Fill-in PDF application and sign 

Deadline to apply:  TBD



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