For many people in New Trier Township transportation can mean the difference between being an active member of one's community or becoming isolated and homebound.

New Trier Township is dedicated to providing a variety of transit services to improve accessibility and mobility for eligible seniors and persons with disabilities. 

A door-to-door taxi service that provides registered riders with discounted fares. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, residents call a designated taxi service, make a reservation for their trip, give the driver a voucher to receive reduced rate compliments of New Trier Township, and pay the reduced fare. Learn more about Dial-A-Ride

Escorted Transportation

A service for persons age 60 and older who require transportation and an escort to and from medical or dental appointments. Transportation is provided by trained volunteers of the North Shore Senior Center in their private automobiles. The person is picked up from his/her address, accompanied to a local medical office, and driven home at the end of the appointment. The service is available Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. All trips must occur within the Township and nearby towns. A minimal fee is billed to the user for each round trip. This program is a cooperative effort funded by New Trier Township and the North Shore Senior Center. Dial-A-Ride participants receive a reduced rate on this service. Learn more about Escorted Transportation.


Public Transit for Seniors

Seniors who are currently enrolled in the Seniors Ride Free program can continue to ride fixed-routes without interruption. However, there are changes that will take place in the program based on a new law that amended the RTA Act.

The Seniors Ride Free program will now be known as the Seniors Circuit Ride Free program and the Seniors Reduced Fare program. Only seniors enrolled in the Illinois Department on Aging’s Circuit Breaker Program will qualify for free rides on the transit system’s fixed routes. All other seniors who do not qualify with the Circuit Breaker program will receive a Reduced
Fare permit.

To be eligible for the Circuit Breaker program, a senior must be age 65 or over and meet household income eligibility, ranging from $27,610 or less for an individual, $36,635 for a two-person household to $45,657 for a household of three or more
people. To apply for the Illinois Circuit Breaker program, visit www.cbrx.il.gov or call 800-624-2459 to request an application.

Seniors that transition to reduced fare cards will be able to put money on their card prior to boarding their CTA bus or train, Metra train or Pace bus. Seniors can load and replenish funds on their reduced fare cards at any CTA vending machine. Metra riders must display their Senior Circuit Ride Free or Reduced Fare cards to Metra ticket agents or conductors to pay half fare. Reduced fare is approximately half of the regular fare. Please refer to the CTA www.transitchicago.com  Metra www.metrarail.com or Pace www.pacebus.com websites for specific fare information.

Important Dates to Remember – Seniors Circuit Ride Free & Reduced Fare Programs

June 1
Beginning June 1, all new applications for the RTA Seniors Ride Free program will be means tested with the Department on Aging Circuit Breaker program. Those individuals who qualify for the Circuit Breaker Program will receive a new senior Circuit Ride Free card. All others will receive a Reduced Fare card.

July 1
The RTA will stop processing replacement cards for the current Seniors Ride Free program to avoid sending duplicate cards. This includes any lost, damaged or stolen cards.

August 1

The RTA will begin mailing new magnetic stripe cards for fixed-route service for all seniors currently enrolled in the RTA’s Senior Ride Free program. Depending on their eligibility, seniors will receive either a Circuit Ride Free card or a Reduced Fare card.

September 1
The previous Seniors Ride Free card will no longer be accepted on any CTA train or bus, Metra train or Pace bus. The new Senior Circuit Ride Free and Reduced Fare cards will only be accepted on the CTA train or bus, Metra train or Pace bus. If you have not received your new card by August 15, please call 312-913-3110. A customer service operator is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

For more information about changes to the Seniors Ride Free program, visit www.RTAchicago.com. If you meet age and income eligibility requirements and wish to apply in the Illinois Circuit Breaker program, visit www.cbrx.il.gov or call 800-624-2459 to request
an application. Applications filed online take approximately 6 weeks to process. Paper applications (IL-1363) take approximately 4 months to process. Processing may be delayed if there is a need to request additional information.


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