Township Introduces Bridge the Gap Program in Partnership with Conney’s Pharmacy

Initiative Will Provide Emergency Assistance for Medical Prescriptions

New Trier Township has introduced an initiative to meet a critical need in the community and simultaneously allow more residents to participate in the work of the Township. The Township has recently recognized the need to provide emergency financial support for individuals who find themselves unable to pay for a necessary medical prescription. In order to have funds immediately accessible for that purpose, the Township is partnering with Conney’s Pharmacy to introduce the Bridge the Gap program.

The Township invites residents to visit Conney’s Pharmacy at 736 Elm Street in Winnetka to purchase Bridge the Gap vouchers, which are offered in $25, $50 and $100 denominations. Residents may also purchase gift cards at Walgreens and CVS to donate for the Bridge the Gap program. Bring your pharmacy vouchers and gift cards to the Township where they will be kept in reserve for use when individuals who do not have the money to fill a necessary prescription come for help; the Township can support these individuals with vouchers for immediate redemption at Conney’s right across the street from the Township or gifts cards to fill prescriptions at Walgreens or CVS.

It may be surprising for many to learn that there are residents in the Township who find themselves so financially strapped that they have to choose between purchasing food or medicine. Or an individual may be receiving medication from a nonprofit organization, but that person may be caught in a recertification period in which the medication is not covered. In other cases, an individual may be released from the hospital with a referral to a community agency, however an intake appointment will take several days creating a need for financial assistance to fill a prescription for immediately needed medication.

There truly is a need for a fund that can assist people in difficult circumstances to access their medication. The reason the Township has named this program "Bridge the Gap" is that the intention is to fill prescriptions only in emergency situations—to fill the gap between the client’s financial crisis and their referral to a program that can help with a long-term solution. Township staff will supply the information so that clients can access programs to provide whatever support may be needed in their specific situation. Checks have been put in place to assure there is no abuse of this program.

In announcing Bridge the Gap, New Trier Township Supervisor Paddie Brennen stated, "We are so excited that Conney’s Pharmacy is our partner in this endeavor. They have been incredibly receptive and generous in working to develop a system that will make it easy for clients to redeem vouchers to fill prescriptions." The staff at Conney’s will not only track the redemption of Conney’s vouchers, they will also provide medication counseling, discounted co-pays and guidance regarding existing state-funded prescription financial support programs for which clients may not realize their eligibility. The expertise of Conney’s Pharmacy will help needy clients to potentially access programs to avoid future crises in filling prescriptions. The Bridge the Gap program will also utilize Walgreens and CVS gift cards.

Vouchers and gift cards can be dropped off at the New Trier Township Office at 739 Elm Street in Winnetka during business hours Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

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