Township Launches Website Reference Page Dedicated to Housing Information for Residents Who Need Affordable Housing

Although the Township does not offer emergency housing or housing advocacy support to residents, we frequently receive phone calls from individuals seeking these services. Many of our social service agency partners report the same dilemma—residents are frustrated having such little information on where to seek answers to support their search for affordable housing. In response to this issue, the Township has created an information page on the Township website to assist residents who are seeking short or long-term housing, emergency housing, housing guidance and/or advocacy, foreclosure prevention and/or other legal expertise, homelessness support or a Housing Choice Voucher solution.
The new website page can be found at A concerted effort was made to compile a thorough and useful list of housing and resource options. Each program provider was contacted to assure they are currently active and that they are available to Township residents. An informational overview about the Housing Choice Voucher program was also included.

The programs in this listing may change over time due to the reallocation of assets. Township staff will attempt to keep the list updated and anticipate receiving ongoing feedback from residents regarding their experiences with these organizations. Partner agencies have been invited to use the website as a resource with their clients, as well. 

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