Child Care

Our Child Care Scholarship Assistance programs provide financial support to income qualified residents, working full or part-time and/or returning to school. Childcare Scholarship programs provide assistance to eligible parents/guardians utilizing licensed providers of Before/Afterschool, Daycare, and Summer Camp programs.  


Eligibility requirements are:

  • Legal guardian of a child (aged 13, entering 8th grade or below) receiving care in a licensed facility
  • Resident of  New Trier Township
  • Employed full or part-time; enrolled in job training and/or an educational program
  • Family income meets income eligibility guidelines* (below)

Licensed Providers

Licensed providers are defined as:

  • Accredited Kindergarten or Preschool Programs
  • School or Park District Affiliated Programs
  • State Licensed Daycare Providers

Providers are paid directly by New Trier Township. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for any program balances not covered by the scholarship. If you need additional information on Township childcare scholarship programs, contact Jeanne Winsted Rosser, General Assistance and Social Services Director, via  email or phone at 847-446-8201.


Applications and supporting documents are strictly confidential and are reviewed by social services professionals to confirm eligibility. Applicants are notified in writing of the status of their application.

Adjusted Gross Income, confirmed by Federal Income Tax returns, must be less than or equal to the amounts listed. The Township will consider special circumstances or extraordinary medical expenses with appropriate supporting documentation.


  • Before/Afterschool Applications opened in June 2023 / Deadline is August 11, 2023.
  • Daycare Scholarship Applications opened in March 2023 / Deadline is July 10, 2023.
  • Summer Camp Scholarship Applications typically become available in January and are due in April.

*INCOME ELIGIBILITY (Adjusted Gross Income Requirements)

Family Size
Adjusted Gross Income
2 $49,300
3 $55,935
4 $67,500
5 $79,065
6 $90,630