Run a Food Drive

Food Drives Help Neighbors In Need

The generosity of groups, businesses and individual donors helps us serve those facing food insecurity. Each week we are humbled by so many caring individuals that wish to share their good fortune.

There is no donation too small, and all are appreciated. We do ask that if you are conducting a larger food drive you contact us. The structure of your food drive is up to you, however, we can provide some basic tips and information designed to make your event a success. 




  • Select a person to be in charge of planning the drive.
  • Create a theme, if desired.
  • Decide on the type of drive (collect door-to-door or hold the drive at one or more collection sites).
  • Decide on dates, length of drive, locations, and supplies (boxes and/or bags groceries, promotional materials).
  • Determine if you will accept monetary donations. The Township can provide you with a donation form that can be mailed directly to the Pantry.
  • Learn what items are accepted by the New Trier Township Pantry and the most needed at the time of your drive by emailing Brian Leverenz or calling 847-446-8203.
  • View the pantry priority needs list.


  • Promote your drive to the participants (employees, customers, members, classmates, party guests, etc.).
  • Build awareness and visibility by creating flyers, posters. Recruit friends, family, or colleagues to help you distribute the materials. Send out email and/or voice mails.
  • Create friendly contests between groups (department against department, class against class, team against team, and teachers against students). Adding an element of good-spirited competition often results in more goods being collected.


  • As develop your plan, focus on a streamlined donation process.
  • If you are collecting food door to door consider dropping off bags at each house ahead of time with a note attached. Be clear about the date when you will return to collect the food and where you would like the donation to be left.
  • If you are holding a drive at a collection site, place sturdy well marked containers in a visible location. Check the site frequently and remove some of the donations periodically. If you are conducting the drive within your organization or business, consider providing bags ahead of time that people can take home)
  • Start collecting food. Financial contributions are also welcome. Checks can be made payable to: New Trier Township Angel Fund, Inc.
  • No matter what length of time you choose, well meaning neighbors will always contribute after your deadline. We suggest a contingency plan for the likely receipt of post-event gifts.


  • Contact Brian Leverenz, Community Services Administrator at (847) 446-8203 to set up a specific day and time when you will drop off the food and any monetary donations you received, and also a rough estimate of the amount of food that will be delivered. View directions to the Township office.
  • Consider combining the food delivery with a tour of the pantry for your volunteers.

Celebrate Success

  • Thank your volunteers and celebrate your success.
  • Publicize the results of your drive within your company, organization and or community. We welcome photos to use for our website and publications! Please Email Brian or Email Julie with photos, stories, or other information.