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Second installment Tax Bills are now online 

Second installment Tax Bills are now online on the Cook County Treasurer's website .  

Property owners should click  Your Property Tax Overview (the purple box). Payments are due October 1; hard copy bills will be mailed at the end of August. Please check to make sure your exemptions are there (lower left in the Tax Calculator box), and call or email our office if any are missing.

Deputy Assessor Leonard Shifflett and I are available to help homeowners get revised bills in time to pay the correct amount.  

Phone our office at (847) 446-8200 or email;

Jan Churchwell

New Trier Township Assessor

Please share this information with relatives, friends, and neighbors. We aren’t working face-to-face yet, but don’t want people without email to be overlooked. The Assessor’s office will make arrangements to meet with property owners on an individual basis if needed. Your help during these challenging times is greatly appreciated.

New Trier Township Guide to Filing online


2021 Cook County Assessor Online Assessment Appeals





General Directions for Filing an Online Appeal:


1.  Go to “”


2.  Click on “Appeals” then click on “Online Appeals”


3.  Next click on “Launch Online Appeal Portal.”


4.  On the “Login” screen, click on “New User? Create an account,” in the last line of text.


5.  Complete “Account Registration.”


6.  The Assessor’s office will send an email to your email address that you must open to activate your account.


7.  PLEASE NOTE:   All of the evidence you wish to submit in support of your appeal must be in one or more documents on your computer that can be uploaded as part of the appeal process.  For example, there is no place on the online appeal where you can just type in the PINS of your comps. In other words, if you are appealing based on comparable properties create a document on your computer with the list of the PINs of the comps you are going to submit.  If you are relying on an appraisal be sure that the appraisal is loaded as a document on your computer.  If you are appealing based on your recent purchase be sure your closing statement (often labeled “Master Statement”) is loaded in your computer.   Also, for a recent purchase create a statement similar to this (if the facts are true) on a separate document that you can upload:  “I purchased the property at [insert the address and PIN] on [insert the date] for the total sum of [insert purchase price].  This was an arm’s length transaction for full value.  It was not a foreclosure or a deed in lieu of foreclosure.   The Buyers and Sellers are not related by blood or by marriage.” 


8.  After you have all your evidence in documents on your computer, proceed to file your appeal.


9.  After you login, on the “Available Filings” page, click on the last line: “CCAO Appeals ****(Residential)”


10.  On the next page click on “Begin Filing.”


11.  On the next page type in your 14 digit PIN with no dashes.  Do not type in your address.  Then click “Search.”  If the search results are correct, then click on “Start Filing.”  On the “Notice” that pops up, click “OK.”


12.  On the “Appeal Activity Page” check both boxes near the bottom and to the left on your screen. Then click “Next.” 


13.  If the “Verify Primary PIN” page information is correct, click on “Next.”


14.  On the next page, if you have no Certificates of Error to file with your appeal, click “Next.”


15.  The next page is titled “Additional Subject PIN Entry.”  If you do not have a multi PIN property, click on “Next.”  If you have a multi PIN property, follow the directions and add the additional PIN(s).


16.  On the “Filer Status” page, select your status from the drop down menu.  If you select “Taxpayer/Owner,” you will get a further drop down menu.  If you select “Taxpayer/Owner” on the second menu, then you need to check the box right beneath that drop down and complete each box that has a red asterisk.  Then click “Next.”.”


17.  On the “Property Characteristics” page you can correct any description errors.  If you make a change in one or more characteristics, then we recommend that you ask for a Field Check on the next page.  Click on “Next.”


18.  On the “Appeal Information” page you need to select at least one ground for your appeal.   If you are using comps, then select “Lack of Uniformity/Comparables.”  If you have an appraisal or are a recent purchase, select “Overvaluation.”  For each ground you select, you will get a box to explain the basis of your appeal. You have only that line of about 25 characters.   Do not try to put your comps in that line.  Instead, type something such as: “Similar houses assessed at lower values” or “Appraisal shows overvaluation” or “Recent purchase shows overvaluation.”  If you changed any characteristic of your house on the prior page, we recommend that you ask for a “Field Check” on this page and explain the incorrect characteristic in the box.  Check the box for “Single Family”.  NEW IN 2021: On this page is a required entry for “Desired Market Value:”. “Market value” is generally defined as the value that a willing buyer and seller would arrive at for your property. Note that the form says: “If unknown enter ‘0’.” Click on “Next.”


19.  The next page is the “Attachment” page.  On this page, find the category or categories that cover your evidence, then click on “Select File” under each applicable category and upload the document or documents from your computer to the appeal page.  You can upload more than one document in a category.  After you upload all your documents, click “Next.”


20.  The next page is the “Submit” page.  As requested, supply your name and telephone number.  NOTE: once you click “Submit” and the following page, you will not be able to go back in and make any changes.


21.  After you click on “Submit” and the following page, another page will open with a number; note the number.  You can print out your appeal.  After you leave the Assessor’s website you will receive an additional email noting the filing of your appeal.


22.  Your appeal is now submitted.


Because of the fire at the New Trier Township building, it is even more "closed" than it was before the fire at the end of March, because now it's closed to the staff too, not just the public.

Presently, the telephone system has been rigged to reach us remotely.  Dial our regular number (847)446-8200 and follow the prompts. 

No Renewal Requirement For Property Tax Exemptions This Year

Taxpayers who received property tax exemptions last year will not have to renew them this year thanks to a special pandemic-driven law.  Ordinarily, senior citizens eligible for the Senior Freeze have to renew their exemptions annually, as do people receiving disability exemptions.  This year, however, it will not be necessary to renew these and other property tax exemptions. 

The state legislature voted not to require tens of thousands of taxpayers to send renewal forms to government offices during the pandemic. Instead, for this year only, the Senior Freeze, Disabled Veteran and Disabled Person exemptions will be automatically renewed.  Also, auto-renewal of Homeowner and Senior Exemptions already in effect before the pandemic will continue.

What if I received an exemption last year but my eligibility has changed?  

In that case you need to contact the offices of the township or county assessor to ensure that you receive the correct exemption.  Those people most likely to need to do this are senior citizens with household income below the $65,000 eligibility threshold in prior years whose income is now above the threshold and disabled veterans whose level of disability changed compared to a prior year.  

What if I became eligible for an exemption last year?  

People who purchased homes in 2019 should receive Homeowner Exemption applications in the mail for tax year 2020 (payable in 2021), but other taxpayers (e.g., people who turned 65 in 2020 or became newly eligible for a disability exemption or the Senior Freeze) will still need to apply using the appropriate annual application form(s). The application deadline is March 31, 2021.

What are the eligibility requirements for senior exemptions this year?  Residents born in 1955 and earlier who used their New Trier Township home as a principal residence in 2020 are eligible for the Senior Citizen Exemption.

The Senior Freeze Exemption provides additional tax savings for low- to moderate-income seniors. To be eligible this year, the combined income of all people in the senior’s household must have been less than $65,000 in calendar year 2019, and the senior must have been an owner-occupant of the property since January 1, 2019.  

All exemptions will appear on the second installment tax bills that will be mailed in the summer.

Due to the pandemic, the township offices remain closed to the public, but Assessor Jan Churchwell and Deputy Assessor Leonard Shifflett are available to assist Monday-Friday via phone at (847) 446 -8200 or email or

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Jan Churchwell, New Trier Township Assessor


Commencing Tuesday, March 17 the New Trier Assessor’s office will be closed to the public. During that period we will be taking calls during regular business hours at 847-446-8200.  You can always reach us via email:  jchurchwell@newtriertownship.comand  

Stay well,

Jan Churchwell

New Trier Township Assessor

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