Tax Exemption & Refunds

Homeowner Exemption

Available to residents who own and live in the home as of January 1 of the year taxes are being paid for. Renews automatically once in place unless a sale or transfer is recorded.

Senior Citizen Exemption

Available to owners who are 65 in the year for which they are paying taxes. Reduces the Equalized Assessed Value by $5,000, saving you as much as $300 in taxes. Must now be applied for annually.

Senior Freeze ExemptioN

Available to owners 65 and older with a total household income under $55,000. Freezes the Assessed Value of the property, not the taxes. Must be applied for annually.

Veteran's Exemptions

Returning Veterans' Exemption is available to Veterans' returning from active duty in an armed conflict. Provides a one time $5000 reduction in the Equalized Assessed Value. Must be applied for upon return home.

Disabled Veterans' Standard Homeowner Exemption provides a reduction of between $2,500 and $5,000 in Equalized Assessed Value to veterans' with a service connected disability of 50% or more certified by the U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs. Must be applied for annually.

Disabled Persons' Exemption

Provides a $2,000 reduction in Equalized Assessed Value. Must be applied for annually.