Parking Placards

Residents with a temporary disability can visit the New Trier Township office to be issued a temporary disability parking placard. Temporary placards are issued to persons with a temporary disability and are valid for the length of time indicated by the certifying physician, not to exceed six months if issued by the Secretary of State and 90 days if issued by a local municipality.  This placard DOES NOT exempt the authorized holder from parking meter fees and time limitations at parking meters. 

PLEASE NOTE: The parking placard application is valid for three months from your physician's signature date for a Temporary Placard

Please note: New Trier Township cannot issue more than 1 parking placards to an applicant or 3 months.

New Trier Township only issues the red temporary disability parking placard.  The blue permanent placard has to be obtained from the Secretary of State after a permanent application has been mailed in.  The address is:

Secretary of State

Persons with Disabilities License Plates / Placard Unit 

501 S. Second St, Rm 541

Springfield, IL  62756

How To Apply

To obtain a temporary placard, the applicant and a physician, chiropractor, optometrist, physician's assistant or nurse practitioner must complete and sign the application (PDF).  There is no charge for a disability placard. Applicants should bring a photo identification (ID) to the Township Office. If an individual other than the applicant is picking up the placard, please bring a copy of the applicants photo ID (both sides). You will also be required to show a photo ID.

To learn more about permanent disability parking placards and license plates, visit the Illinois Secretary of State’s online office.

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