Purpose & Membership

How the Committees Work

The Township Advisory Committees play a vital role in balancing the social service needs of the Township while serving as stewards of Township tax dollars. Serving on a Committee is a great way to become involved in the life of the Township. 

The Mental Health, Money Follows the Person and Agency Oversight committees act as stewards for Township funds, monitor the funded agency’s programs and performance and identify unmet needs within the community. Monitoring may include site visits, review of agency materials, and meetings and discussions with agency staff and other committee members.

Mental Health

This committee reviews grant proposals from agencies serving clients with mental illness or agencies providing intensive counseling type services and outreach meant to positively impact an individual or family’s well-being, especially in crisis situations. Programs address issues such as sexual abuse, family conflict, depression, substance abuse, and coping with cancer and other illnesses.


This committee reviews grant requests from agencies that serve clients with developmental and other disabilities and their families. It is also responsible for exploring and expanding the concept of money follows the person, a new mechanism of funding for persons with disabilities in that the individual receives funding instead of an agency, and the individual can choose the programs and services that best meets their needs. 

Life Stages

This committee oversees agencies that serve the community in the following broad areas:

  • Crisis Intervention/Prevention Services
  • Individual and Family Counseling/Emotional Well-Being
  • Senior Services
  • Youth Drop-in Centers
  • Other Services


Committee members must be residents of New Trier Township. Committee members should have an interest in human services in their community and a sincere desire to learn about the work of the agencies we fund. Candid yet diplomatic discussion skills, detail orientation and good analytical skills are important. Knowledge and experience with Board development, governance, fund raising, and ability to evaluate program outcomes would be very helpful in evaluating and advising these agencies.

Benefits to Committee Members

  • Learn the non-profit agency activities in your community and educate yourself about community services and agencies meeting the needs of the community. 
  • Serve your Township as you build an understanding of how the Township and other funders work with and evaluate these agencies for effectiveness. 
  • Engage in thoughtful discussions about non-profit agencies, community needs, inter-agency coordination, and community services with trained professionals and with other smart committee members.

Get Involved

If you would like to find out more about serving on a committee, email the Community Partnerships Coordinator Steven Anderson or call 847-446-8253.