Community Spirit Award

The George E Noyes Community Spirit Award recognizes outstanding Township volunteers who are making a powerful difference in their communities in ways that support New Trier Township’s mission and strategic direction, and who inspires others to volunteer. The award was established in 2006 in memory of George E Noyes who served as Township Collector from 2002 until 2006. The award is designed to honor those who demonstrate his spirit of service and citizenship.

Award Criteria

The award recognizes and honors an exceptional individual who makes volunteering and community service a way of life. The person should exemplify the best in volunteering and demonstrate a sense of caring and responsibility for others that connects citizens and solves community problems. Specifically, the winner will be an individual who gives extraordinary community service and who:

  • Gives freely and unselfishly of their time to community activities
  • Inspires others to serve and acts as a role model
  • Has a positive impact upon the direction and success of the Township’s mission and strategic direction
  • Improves the lives of others
  • Embodies a sense of caring and responsibility for others that connects citizens and solves community problems
2011 Award Presentation

Past Recipients

  • Jim Carlson of Wilmette (2021)
  • Alan Goldberg of Wilmette (2020)
  • Susan Rooney of Wilmette (2018)
  • Jessica Tucker of Winnetka (2013)
  • Mimi Dray of Wilmette (2011)
  • Sandra Berger of Winnetka (2010)
  • Irvinia Warren of Winnetka (2008)
  • Karen Donnan of Wilmette (2007)
  • Louis Justman of Wilmette, James William Estes of Wilmette, Stephanie Broham of Glencoe, Joshua Brohman of Glencoe, and Jessie Kleeman of Winnetka (2006)


  • Nominee must be a New Trier Township resident
  • Nominee must have performed the work on a volunteer basis, without pay
  • Nominee must have performed the work in the preceding year
  • Nominee must have displayed a strong commitment to addressing a community need

Process / Procedures

  • The annual nomination process usually opens in January and runs through March.
  • Any person in the Township may make a nomination.

Award Presentation & Recognition

Winners and their families will be invited to attend the Annual Town Meeting (second Tuesday in April). We present the winner with a distinctive plaque. Recipients will also be profiled in our communication materials to constituents.


George E. Noyes Community Spirit Award Application (PDF)