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Stefan Mozer

Township Trustee

Phone: 847-446-8202
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Stefan Mozer has served the township for decades as a committee member and trustee. Mr. Mozer is an attorney and resides in Wilmette. For over 20-years Stefan has been an advocate for township residents in need of assistance.

Stefan Mozer is a resident of Wilmette. Mr. Mozer is an attorney and has practiced law in Illinois since 1977. Stefan has an inner desire to give back and serve the communities of the North Shore that have provided so much to his family.

Community Service

Mr. Mozer lives the township's Caring In Action motto. His work at New Trier Township has been that of an advocate and champion of residents in need of support through carefully vetted processes and services that improve lives. Stefan was appointed by Supervisor Alan Goldberg in May 2019 to complete a vacated Trustee term expiring in 2021. Mr. Mozer was elected to serve a four-year term in April 2021.