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Peer Jury Scholarship Application


  1. 1. Overview
  2. 2. Personal Background
  3. 3. Academic Background
  • Overview

    1. Purpose
      To recognize an outstanding peer juror who is also a graduating senior.
    2. Recognition
      $1,500 Scholarship
    3. Eligibility Requirements
      - Be a Peer Jury student volunteer.
      - Be a graduating high school senior with good attendance in Peer Jury, preferably at least 75% attendance since becoming a juror.
      - Submit a 250 to 300 word essay on your peer jury experience and what it meant to you.
      - Submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, local official or business person.
      - Submit an official high school transcript.
      - Plan to enroll at any college or university in the United States as a full-time undergraduate student.
    4. Application & Selection Process
      - Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements.
      - All parts of the application must be typed or be legible in order to be considered.
      - All attachments must contain your full name.
      - The Scholarship Selection Committee will consist of: Adult Youth Advocates, Peer Jury Coordinator Representatives from the participating Township Police Departments, Township Supervisor or other elected official designated by the Supervisor.
      - All applicants should expect to receive written notification of a decision on their application.
      - The winning essay would become the property of the Township and may be used for publicity purposes. Selection process will take into account the applicant’s essay, peer jury attendance, and the quality of their participation in the program.